J&J Cyber Security LLC

J&J Cyber Security LLC is a cyber security consulting, research and development company. We conduct research into the design and analysis of cyber security tools to assist software and system developers in producing more secure products. We also provide education and consulting services to clients regarding the design and analysis of secure software.

This company was founded by Dr. Alves-Foss after our successful participation in the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge (CGC). Dr. Alves-Foss and Dr. Song were the sole members of the smallest team to be named finalists in the CGC qualifying event held in June 2015. Our CSDS team was the only team to develop our solutions from scratch during the contest period, starting our development in June 2014. With a focused effort, we achieved the second highest score in the qualifying event and were named as one of the seven finalist teams.

On August 4, 2016, the CSDS team will compete against six other teams in the worlds first fully automated, computer-versus-computer, cyber security capture-the-flag competition, the DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge.

The Principals

Founder: Dr. Jim Alves-Foss is a cyber security researcher with over two decades of experience in the design and analysis of secure systems. His research experience and expertise covers a wide range of computer science and cyber security topics. Most notably he has experience with assembly language, compilers, operating systems and networks. He has conducted research into secure system architectures, formal methods, network security, cryptographic protocols, embedded system security, operating system security, and computer forensics.

His research has been supported by government agencies including the National Science Foundation, Army Research Office, Air Force Research Laboratory, DARPA and TSWG. In addition, his work has been supported by industry, including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and Wind River.

Learn more about him at ResearchGate

Dr. Jia Song is a cyber security researcher who has worked closely with Dr. Alves-Foss since 2009. She has worked on security analysis of modern microprocessors, design of security policies for security-tagged architectures, secure operating systems and automated software vulnerability analysis. Her research has been supported by the Raytheon Corporation, Air Force Research Lab and DARPA.

Learn more about her at ResearchGate

Contact Us

You can reach us by sending email to info at jjcybersecurity.com

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J&J Cyber Security LLC
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